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Content Calibration

A 30 Day Program

Learn how to Let Your Soul Speak to Your Dreamy Ready to Pay Clients in 30 Days. Consistently Make High Value Content & Fall in Love With Selling Without Putting Yourself in Burnout.

Are you sick of the constant analysis paralysis holding you back with every post, video, reel or story you try to create?

Can you feel deep down how worthy you are of what you want & ready to act like it?

Are you ready for clients who aren't codependent but actually empowered to the point where you fuel each other?

Are you ready to sell in a way that feels good to YOU, because you know everything would change if you did?

Is it time to find a way to finally be confident on the camera & the keyboard?

If you know you were meant for this business, but your content isn't showing off your true strengths & soul essence, and its showing in your sales & clients, content calibration is for you. 


If your business is all you can think about because you're ready for your next level of success & you know there's gotta be a way, but those other content & sales courses didn't work for you (and maybe sent you into burnout), content calibration is for you.

step into your next level and get paid for being YOU

Here's a quick breakdown of the 4 weeks inside Content Calibration:

  • Week 1: How Can You Deepening Your Why & Releasing the Sabotage?

  • Week 2: How Can You Use Proven Strategy AND Soul in Your Content?

  • Week 3: What Can You Do to Fall in Love With SELLING?

  • Week 4: The 5 Day Content Challenge! (with one winner to become a private client!)

  • Eliminate Your Fear of Sales Once & For All

  • Fall in Love With the Camera & the Keyboard 

  • Create Content that Helps You STAND OUT of the Suffocating Crowd of the Coaching Industry 

  • Tune Your Body to a State of Readiness & Confidence on Demand

  • Speak Only to the Clients You Want Without Feeling Like You're Leaving Anyone Behind 

  • Have an Unshakable Wealth Mindset 

  • Kick Self Doubt in the Ass

  • The Art of Receiving Large Amounts of Money

  • Create Healthy Boundaries With Yourself and Others

  • Fine Tune Your Niche 

  • Stop Waiting & Start Creating 

  • Create Consistent Content WITHOUT burning out

  • Take your Ideas From Your Head to Your Mouth

  • Repel Clients That Are Needy & Can't Pay Without Leaving Them in the Dust

  • Sign happy, ready to pay, "Hell Yes" Dream Clients Without Being Pushy

  • Stop Wasting Time Hiding From the Close of Your Offers.

When you join you will learn how to

It’s time to stop hiding and finally create your life. 

Learn How Let Your Soul Speak. It doesn’t matter if you've never been on camera or have gotten burnt out in the past, by signing up for the Content Catalyst Challenge, you will walk away with confidence knowing that you can show up and start creating valuable AF content of all kinds, consistently without burning out. 

Your people are ready to know, like, trust & PAY you!

Aren't you ready for that?

What you get with your enrollment:

  • Daily Group Support & Coaching with Shawna (Somatic Sales Expert & Emotional Mastery Queen 👑) Monday - Saturday inside the private FB group.

  • A Private Facebook Group Where You’ll Learn, Celebrate, Practice, Support & Get Supported!

  • Guided Somatic Meditations, Incantations, or Exercises LIVE with the Group Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday hosted by Shawna to get you into the energy of your next level and teach you the tools you can use for creating content, receiving large sums of money, speaking from soul, selling and more!

  • VIP option and details available on the checkout page, wanna see what comes with VIP? Click here.

Ready for the bonuses?

Bonus #1

Through a SECRET CHALLENGE that will happen in the group, one lucky person will become a private 1:1 voxer client of Shawna's for one week for any content & sales support after the challenge is over! ($500 value) 


A second winner will receive 1 Somatic Alchemy Session for subconscious reprogramming with Shawna so you can release any stuck emotions that might be holding you back. You’ll get crystal clear where you’re going next, and access that reality right NOW. ($333 value)

Bonus #2

Everyone who enrolls will receive Shawna's Somatic Sales Living Course Bundle - a present and always growing hub of sales workshops, trainings and more. As of right now, this includes:

  • Shawna's Sell Your Heart Out Workshop Eliminate Your Fear of Sales Once & For All

      Sign happy, high-ticket, "Hell Yes" Dream Clients Without Being Pushy

      Stop Wasting Time Hiding From the Close of Your Next  $3 - 10K packages ($444 value) 

  • Shawna's Somatic Sales Mini Course a 4 module course that dives you deep into each and every part and perspective of a successful heart centered sales conversation and why we do what we do in sales. ($444 value) 

  • Shawna's Kick Sales Ick Workshop to learn the TOP 5 Mistakes You’re Making in the Sales Conversation and 5 Easy Fixes to get more pay-in-fulls & “hell yes” clients w/ ease and integrity. ($444 value)

  • Shawna's SOUL$PEAK Masterclass to learn how to drop into your unapologetic leadership in a way that transfers to your content and your wallet.($188 value)

  • Shawna's Becoming High Value Masterclass to learn how to become the high value coach the world is WAITING to pay. ($222 value) 

Bonus #3

Everyone who enrolls also gets access to Shawna's Signature Somatic Alchemy: Lucid Body Workshop to learn how to trust the vision and master your emotions with a repeatable proven process you can use again and again through every next level of your life, leadership & business. (Somatic Alchemy Workshop ($444 value)

And Shawna's FREE Conscious Language Energetics Workshop that supports you in upgrading your language so you can use your words as manifestation tools - we take a dive into quantum physics and science of spirituality to get your language to support your emotional state. ($222 value)


Bonus 3 is Valued at $1742.00

Investment cost & options!

Option 1: Pay in full $888 - If you pay in full you get a bonus mini human design money & leadership reading from Shawna - (value $111)


Bonus 2 is Valued at $777.00

Option 2: Payment Plan! Check options on checkout page

Option 3: VIP - See more info on checkout page


Bonus Alone Valued at a total of $2519.00!!

Your cost to enroll in the challenge: $888 

No matter which option you choose, you're getting instant access all these bonuses with you're enrollment:

One more thing! Early Bird Pricing is Currently Still in Effect! Save 20% on ALL options (Including VIP & Payment Plans Until May 9. Are you ready to get started? Click Here to head to the checkout page and see rates and savings!


"Do I have to have an offer ready to join the challenge?"

- Whether you are a brand new coach putting together your first offer or a seasoned coach who's ready to level up in sales and content, this challenge is for you. No matter if you're selling packages for thousands of dollars, readings under $100, or you're just getting started! You can practice sales even before you're selling, because everything you do in business is sales. Once you join you'll see that I will meet everyone where they are at in their soul led business.

"What if I'm thinking about being a coach? Is this for me?"

-If you're playing around with the idea of being a coach or healer, this challenge is not for you. I only want to enroll people who are all in & committed to their business and vision. It supports the integrity and energy of the group when everyone is in the same energetic direction and commitment. I plan on making a course on actually becoming a coach in the future! So stick around because everything you see in my content and podcast will support you if and when you make the decision to jump in! 

"I seem to crumble under "challenges", but this sounds amazing, what should I do?
There's a few reasons you might crumble under challenges. 

1. They are too energetically demanding. 
If that feels true for you, know that this challenge not only calls you forward to take action, but ALSO to create self nourashment as a habit! We will be resting, working, listening to our bodies, stretching our boundaries and learning how to create MORE energy, rather than running on fumes. I am committed to teaching you how to consistently show up for what you say you want, and flow with your energetic requirements. We play the long game here. You will not be burnt out at the end of this challenge.
2. You were competing with other people in teams by means of rivalry and comparison.
In this group, we are only competing with ourselves. If we do choose to utilize another persons success for motivaation to do better - it will be in a form of cooperation/not competition.
3. You don't quite trust yourself to follow through. 
If you crumble under expectations of yourself - this is simply a habit of self trust, and is the EXACT thing I'll be teaching during the 30 days.

"I'm scared of live video! Is that okay? Are we doing other types of content, too?"

-If you're scared, that amazing! If you're at the bottom of this page, you know you're ready for the stretch. I have supported dozens of women leanr how to love going live. I have hosted numerous live video challenges over the last 4 years and how done hundreds of live videos myself! I know all the tricks to getting confident, feeling prepared and moving yourself through the fear that comes up. I have not had one person regret doing a live video when I have set them up in all the ways I know how. You're a leader and you're message is important - live video is a catalyst to all things confidence, refining you niche, positioning yourself as an authority and creating unshakable, exciting self trust to move into the things that scare you. You will not be disappointed. Plus, you have the private facebook group to practice!

And yes, we will be practicing all types of content, written, video and audio!

Are you confused about something or do you have a question I didn't cover? Feel free to send it straight to me! I am the one who sees and answers. Click here
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