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Human Design Readings


*option to book in person or online on checkout page.*

Note: Both standard and entrepreneurial readings are available in person at The Busy Witch in Medina, Ohio OR ONLINE from anywhere! Be sure you choose accordingly after clicking your booking button :)


Each 60 min human design reading starts off with a tarot/oracle spread which lasts about 15 minutes. If you are booking a 30 min reading, we simply do a 1-3 card pull which lasts about 5 minutes.

This gives us a chance to connect on a deeper level than just a chart reading alone. 

Throughout the tarot/oracle spread we'll uncover what your challenges and desires are while we bring clarity to how you can embody your next level and what wisdom you can extract from your current life situation.

After the spread, we take what we uncovered and move into your human design reading! I pull up your chart for us to look at together, there's no need for you to have your chart ready.

How many readings you've had will guide us into what we'll cover. 

Throughout the session I take you through some somatic body work to develop your mindbody connection and have concrete tools to take with you after the reading is over. 


You'll leave the reading with clarity, confidence and tools to move forward into creating your life and building your vision.

*Depending on feedback in the session - I may invite you to book a Somatic Alchemy Session so we can really dive into your body, release stuck emotions and do some energetic work to help you own your expression.

If you choose an entrepreneurial reading, we may talk money, motivation, goal setting, finding inspiration, how to set up your day for success, where you have the most impact, where your psychic gifts are, how you manifest and more! 

If you want a reading, book now!


recommended: 60 min.
Only 60 min available.
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