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5 Sales Conversation Mistakes & 5 Easy Fixes to Make More Money in Less Time! For in - and out - of your sales calls.

Kick Sales Ick

  • This right for you if you are:

    Offer Ready or Clear.


    In conscious business.

    Ready to increase your income.

    Want to figure out a way to integrate strategy and heart centered business.

    Want to save time in sales conversations

    Know that sales strategy works but don't know how to make it feel good for you and your heart.

    Sales Ick could be causing you to:

    Freeze or feel confused in sale conversations. (dm or call)

    Get people on calls with low or no converting.

    Feel like your clients are not a hell yes.

    Have had a lot of refunds.

    Are using a sales script and hate it.

    Avoid Selling all together even in lives, stories or content!

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