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Success in 2022

Welcome to

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Created for established coaches, healers & purpose driven business owners who are ready to experience success through collaboration over competition 

while eliminating any limiting beliefs around money, wealth & worthiness so they can create their life and business on their own terms.

You've been waiting for this.


👑 Weekly Coworking days at The Busy Witch (local) or online (for anyone!) for productivity without distraction outside of the home and speaking weekly goals into existence in front of people that see & support your magic.


🥳Space for celebration to support embodiment and help the group see what works for others. 


🌐Group feedback when you want help, guidance or a soundboard to talk to people who get it! (this is an option every week to stay and get/give support after our coworking time) 


💵 Grow your friends & community while you create sustainable success. 

$50/mo investment 


Everything in the gold membership PLUS a private organized Platinum Group Slack Channel where you will have: 


🌐Guided group monthly intentions led by Shawna that support us in our business and our lives holistically. 


👭 Daily feedback, fun & Support inside the organized group Slack


👍Online Post support for engagement and community. 


💵Opportunities for referrals and clients from self promotion in specified threads and getting to know the group. 


🧠 Podcast/video/resources hub. 


🎤 Speaking opportunities by nominations in group on what they want to learn about. 


🕉️Quarterly Cacao Ceremony at Shawna's (local group or by zoom for online group) for building connection, sisterhood, and spirit. 


And more. 


$111/mo investment 

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