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An hour and a half deep dive with me 
Integrated with human design to revamp your business to meet your next level

for conscious female entrepreneurs

“I'm able to embody my higher self and it shows up in an increase in my finances.”

Step up, Step in & Stand Out..png

Two of the biggest secrets of success all the books talk about: 


1. The art of decision making 


2. Individuality. 


For us as conscious entrepreneurs, #1 becomes the art of SOUL ALIGNED decision making. Which will not happen consistently if we do not know how to tap into the expression of our energetic soul signature. 

AKA: Our true personality. This is what makes us a magnetizing leader and what calls us forward to be a wealthy woman. 


Which by proxy gives us #2, individuality. 


This is how we lead from true freedom. True individuality through the very real fear of judgement & rejection. This is how we become unapologetically self expressed and give permission for others to do the same.

What does freedom feel like to you_.png

Not the IMAGE of freedom in your head, but the energy dynamics in your body… 


Do you know how to access that anytime you want it? 


Can you see how your life and business would shift very rapidly if you could push past the fears of self-expression? 


I wanted to change my life SO much that I even changed things about the "old version" of Shawna that I LOVED. 


And bringing her back, paired with all the self-mastery I have taught myself over the years is the best decision I've ever made.


"I'm not a carbon copy of my mentors anymore, that time is over, and it is for you, too. It's time to step up, step in and stand out. 

That's what makes a great leader."

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And what does Human Design have to do with it?

Human Design is a system that integrates science and spirituality to give us grounded accessible tools to use in our life so we can create our vision with less resistance and more ease. 

Combining the knowledge in astrology, the chakra system, the I Ching, quantum physics and genetics, we use your birth date and time to calculate your own unique body graph. 

This body graph, when you know how to read it, tell us how you are designed to moved through life. For example:

**How to set goals for yourself that help you make sustainable change
**How to set up your days, weeks and months for success!
**How you can create the most soul aligned impact!
**And my favorite, how you can make money in a way that is energetically correct for YOU so you know how to put a middle finger to your patterns of burnout.

And so much more!

During our call we'll pull from your bodygraph as we cover your current challenges and questions and create a plan for you to move forward and set you up for success feeling confident, unique and unapologetically YOU.

Sound Amazing? ...

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