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The Fallacy of Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

This is coming to you from Downtown Los Angeles, 2019.

Most of my best ideas come from the west coast, or when I'm on my way to the west coast.

This one dropped into my head the morning before I left.

I was leading a coaching call and had a completely different plan for the thought I was going to open with to the group of business women I was talking to.

Then, I saw this idea in my head and LITERALLY FORGOT the other thing that I had been planning on opening with.

"Welcome to this weird thing called 'life'. I don't really know what's going on but I wear a nice suit, so you can trust me."

So I went with it.

And I'm in love with how it uses visuals to depict the point.

I'm seeing an epidemic.

This epidemic consists of powerful people thinking that they are doing it wrong.

They want to consciously create their lives and they feel utterly out of control because the person they want to release keeps making an appearance.

The old version of them didn't get the message to GET THE F*CK OUT.

Aaaaand so they think they can't create or don't deserve the things they want.

They think they are not as good as the next guy and they think they're broken because they try to make a decision and it doesn't seem to stick.


When we 'release' a version of ourselves that doesn't serve us anymore, (i.e like the version of ourselves that sleeps in or the deeper version of ourselves that feels 'not good enough' for what we want) we expect it to be gone into the depths of the abyss and never return again.

"Yippee ki-yay, mothrf*ckr."

The basic steps of releasing limiting beliefs is this:

1) See something we don't like about our life.

2) Find the belief that's helping us create said thing in our life.

3) Consciously choose to release the belief.

4) Improve our life!

5) Repeat.

People release beliefs a TON of different ways, write them and burn them, speak the new declaration out loud, ingest psychedelic compounds, or just simply notice, and decide on new actions.

I don't really think they way we release them matters, it's what happens AFTER the release that people are getting extremely wrong.

Of course I have my favorite ways of releasing, but you're your own person and different things work for different people. (If you're ever looking for a specific way, just ask!)


You have a something in your hands. You're holding it, making sure it doesn't escape or fall out.

Turn the frog into your fear of success, and you get what I mean.

At some point, you realize that you don't want to hold this thing anymore. (I mean, it's slimy and it pees on you, get rid of it please...)

You decide it's time to let it go.

Whether it feels exciting or scary to let go of it, this is the point you must consciously choose, finger by finger, to open your hands and release.

This is where I want you to really pay attention.

Once released, whether it's moving away from you, or you're moving away from it... YOU CAN STILL SEE IT.

You may be able to still feel the reminiscence in your hands.

The detail of what it looks like is still very clear to you and the emotions of what it brought to your life are still tactile & recognizable.

If you wanted to, you could easily reach back out and grab it one more time.

But you don't. You allow the space between you and it to get further.

Now, as a little more time passes, you can only make out the larger details of it, and eventually, it will just be a blur until it's no longer in your field of vision.

This is the point when your new belief becomes the thing you've been waiting for the whole time... an unconscious action!

NOTICE: The moment you chose to let it go does NOT mean it's disintegrated into the dust of your past, no longer existing in space-time.

Omg! That's it right there! You're self doubt is exploding, never to exist again!

Let me help you take the pressure off...

Once you 'release' a limiting belief, it's probably going to still be very real to you for a bit.

The game isn't in the releasing, the game is in not reaching back out and grabbing it.

READ: The mark of your releasing is in your choice to act different when you can clearly see a safer, limited option standing right next to your expansion.

It's the CHOICES OF YOUR ACTIONS that allow the old belief to feel further and further away from you until you don't recognize the 'old' version of yourself anymore.

So many of my clients (and the people I see) are doubting themselves because they keep seeing the 'old version' of who they used to be show up in certain situations.

It stops them from feeling like they deserve the things that they want.

Me included.

If you relate to this at all, I'm here to remind you that you get to give yourself more credit.

You can say with confidence that you have unsubscribed to whatever belief you are ready to release.

If it shows back up for you and you find yourself knee deep in sugar and reality shows, neglecting the work that lights your soul on fire... all good baby.

It happens to the best of us.

You just get to choose, again.

You can always choose again.

And in the choosing, you are leading the way for everyone else to see that they are worth creating the life they want.

Welcome to the leading edge.



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