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Wealth Ritual - Wallet Transfer

So it happens that Adam and I both received a new wallet from my mom as a Christmas gift.

And of course, I didn't want to just swap the cash and cards willy-nilly without putting some intention into the process. It turned out to be one of my favorite magical processes to DATE, so I want to share with you how to do it yourself! (This can absolutely be done if you do not have a new wallet or if you love your current wallet.)

Click here to jump straight to ritual, or keep reading for some awesome upgrades.

I mean, my wallet is the place that houses ALMOST ALL OF MY FINANCIAL REALITY. The only other places are stocks, and my coin jar that I use to remind me that abundance is always overflowing. :)

Think about it. Sure, wallets have debit cards, credit cards and cash, and those are really pretty cool.

I want to bring attention to how our wallets hold the representation of the value of money in our lives. Do you treat your wallet with that type of gratitude?

Our wallets holds the energy of our thoughts about money. Every time we think about them or reach for them we can either feel contraction (yuck) or expansion (yay!). Which leads me to my next share...

The wallet has it's own mindbody.

The mind is our thoughts about it, our energy around it. Not only when we see it, but with every cent we put in or take out. The mind of our wallet is our mentality about the flow and ease of money and abundance.

Just like anything in personal development, mindset comes first.

We already KNOW we want that shiz to be on point for our manifestation, actualization or embodiment practices. The mind matters. And the coolest part is that we can keep evolving and changing what we don't like! (Que Joe Dispenza- here's an awesome read on it)

Then we have the body of the wallet.

First things first, do you like your wallet? If you don't, go upgrade it, you don't have to spend a lot of money to do it either. (No shame in the Goodwill game.)

How about your cards, do they stay in the same spot? Or do you have to go fishing for your debit card every time you need it?

It's in here somewhere, one sec.

I can't say this never happens to me anymore-but I will tell you that in my years of utilizing my wallet as a means of money magic, when I have multiple scenarios of disorganization like this, I'm normally in a sticky place. So now it's a reminder to take some time and reset.

I think you're getting the idea now. The wallet has a mindbody, and it's an opportunity for us to recalibrate to abundance every chance we get.

NOTE: I've been "searching" for the perfect wallet for like two years now. Don't let that happen to you, there's always more wallets out there, and the one that I received as a gift I wouldn't have bought for myself, but now that I did this switcharoo - I love it.


You want to have

-old wallet still full

-new wallet ready for packing

-journal and pen (optional)

- small single use candle (optional)


-uninterrupted time

Here's a picture of my ritual, I did bring in Adam's wallets too, but only took a pic of mine.

The old wallet is the gold one, I still love it and recommend if you can find one of these new. I've had it for years and it still looks great.

I also used a gold candle ;) but the choice is yours.

My journal is from The Busy Witch

Steps tp Prep:

  1. Gather all supplies

  2. Get comfy and private

  3. Turn on music to liking

  4. Organize wallets, candle (I know you're excited but don't light it quite yet!), and notebook in front of you whatever way your soul wants so you're ready to start the ritual. (I placed the new wallets on top of the old wallets)

  5. Place hand on heart and breathe slowly and deeply as if your heart was breathing. Do this at least 3 times (inhale,exhale x 3) or until you feel grounded and ready.

Steps for ritual:

  1. Light candle as a symbol of creating space and time for this ritual.

  2. Journal about how you've been feeling around money. Keep it as short or as long as you'd like.

  3. Title a new page with 'My Intentions" and write what you commit to be reminded of every time you think about, touch, see, organize, or use this new wallet.

Make sure to use forward thinking terms like, "I will be reminded of my internal wealth frequency each time I open this wallet," rather than backwards thinking, "I will no longer think about lack or scarcity when I use this wallet."

If you want some guidance, here's what I wrote, feel free to use it or skip to step 4.

"My intentions are as follows:

I allow in abundance in all preferred forms.

Our organized new wallets will be the reminder, and our care [for the wallets] will show our honor of not only all the monetary wealth that will flow in with ease - but the richness of our lives & commitments to nourishing them.

Those areas include: Relationships, Purpose, Income, Impact, Sex, Creativity, Health & more..."

4. After your general intentions are finished,

journal for just a second on some measurable financial results you would love to see happen within the next two weeks and end your journal with "This or something better. And so it is."

Sign your name in the energy of your higher self.

5. In that energy, swap the contents of your wallet. ** (see below if you're reusing your original wallet)

Celebrate as you throw out things that no longer serve you. Give each card it's own place and clean each card if you feel called - I used sanitizer. Revel in the financial lessons you've learned a long the way and feel the emotional set point you want your wallet to represent to you moving forward.

Do anything else that feels good.

** If reusing original wallet, completely empty and refresh everything as guided.

6. Let the candle burn out.

Optional 7. Hold your old wallet to your heart, send it gratitude for the lessons and support up until now, kiss it, and throw it away.

You've finished the Wallet Transfer - Wealth Ritual :)

Final Notes:

My old wallet saw every penny I have made in my business so far. The first $20 to the first $20K month. I've seen the up's and down of learning to trust in abundance. I go to that gym daily. I want to remind you that if you find yourself in 3 days, 3 months, or 3 years down the road forgetting what you wrote today. No shame or guilt is needed.

You are an ever emerging human, the slips will happen.

What I found that matter most over never falling on our commitments, is choosing every moment we can, to recommit to our vision and what we choose to believe.

The paradox in the quantum leap is that we won't get there until we become okay with the process of it.


Go create your life,


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