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Permission for the People Pleasers

The science of why you get to please the people by stopping the people pleasing.

This blog will give you the permission you need to start stopping it today.

Just kidding, I'm not giving it to you, you don't need it.

(This is you awkwardly laughing 'cause you think you do need it but you OBVIOUSLY can't let ME know that.)

Read on and feel yourself take your power back.

Note: The want for permission is actually giving you the permission to do whatever you want!

I know that might not make sense so let me say it a little clearer,


With one huge caveat. Read on.

Nature always has a fail-safe. But you're going to love this one you little empath, you.


To you,

Sweet woman with dreams bigger than the small town you're living in, now is when it starts. Now is the time for a profound shift in the way you do life.

TODAY is when you learn that you get to put yourself first.

Here's why

First, I'm going to teach you a lesson on Universal Principle with an itty-bitty bit of sacred geometry. Then, the grande finale.

Also, I'm not a scientist, I've just studied this stuff for eight years and I utilize it in my life every day. I'm pairing science with my and my clients own experiences. Plus a bunch of other actual scientists.

Moving on.

This is the grande finale that's waiting. That's also totally my house btw.

This is aimed directly for the students of life, get your learning caps on and join me in this short adventure to your very own goldmind.

Lesson 1: The Universal Principle of Correspondence

If you've been in the personal/ spiritual development space for a while you may have heard the axiom, "As above, so below."

If not, remember it.

We could talk about this for hours, but one simple way I want you to think about it, as it applies to your own life is this...

Your inside reality is the experience of your outside reality.

So simply put, if you feel lonely all the time, you will see loneliness in the world, especially yours.

If you feel abundant on the regular, you'll find evidence of abundance everywhere! (I've got many hours of personal experience for both, it's real.)

You can see this principle repeated in nature everywhere.

In an apple, our storm systems, the galaxy, and even in the microcosm of our own body structure, look at this:

You can't really deny that our Universe mirrors itself.

When we agree that this is the state of our reality, then to change our life, we get to change how we perceive our life.

That's the work.

Now let me blow your mind real quick so you can do what you actually want to do... help the people that you love.

Right now, as a self proclaimed people pleaser, I can guarantee that you take on peoples pain as your own and you don't speak up or speak your mind often when you have an opinion or want space.

Since you're here, I also assume that you believe that you have more power than you know. You might believe, on some level, you're a healer for the masses.

It's also possible that you've made some big leaps in the realm of people pleasing!

But I don't know if you've ever learned it like this.

The Principle of Correspondence is one of those ancient teachings I always talk about but never actually talk about. Look around and you'll see it reflected in everything. It can support you in creating your life in so many ways I wish I could laser upload the information and send it straight into your brain.

Like this, but not deadly.

That's all for that, remember that nature mirrors itself and your own experience into reality.

Now that you understand the basics of correspondence, let's move on.

Look at you learning about the Universe!

Lesson 2: This, is a torus.

Think of a perfect donut. Mine would have chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

This is the simple science of our body.

Can you see the Principle of Correspondence here? If not, go back and look at that picture of the tree.

If yes....

THIS is what surrounds your body, and it moves! It's proper name is a "toroidal flow" because of the movement.

Simplified, it moves up from the middle, out and down, then back into the middle point from the bottom.

Our heart gives off this shape in our magnetic field. And, they have measured it to span 8 feet. Four feet on either side of our body! And some say it's bigger. So cool.

This is what an article from the HeartMath Institute says about it...

"The heart’s magnetic field, which is the strongest rhythmic field produced by the human body, not only envelops every cell of the body, but also extends out in all directions into the space around us. The heart’s magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers. Research conducted at HMI suggests the heart’s field is an important carrier of information."

It carries INFORMATION! Aaaaand our field penetrates other peoples FIELDS!! That is why you care so much!

That's why you can feel other people feelings! You're a f*cking genius at subtle body energy.

Calm down, almighty. There's more to the story.

We are all giving off a certain type of energy with each thought, action or emotion that comes up. And it's what we do with those thoughts, actions or emotions that matter the most.

This is where it starts to get personal.

Only a small percentage of people actually know how to decipher and choose their own experience, without letting outside influence bog their potential down. I'm still in practice after years of mastery... like, I almost threw a broom yesterday because I was mad at my phone for getting stuck in the couch.

What that means is that we are ALL giving permission for people to pick up our own personal experience of life.

If the inside of that toroidal field of yours (your heart) is experiencing powerlessness, you're giving other people more of an opportunity to experience the loss of their power.

Imagine we're all guitar strings...

"The devil went down to Georgia"

When you pluck one, the other strings will start to resonate with the string that was played.

Our emotions and experiences are like that, they are emitting a frequency that can be picked up by people who don't know how to pluck their own string!


If you are putting yourself and your desires last to please people around you, YOU ARE GIVING THEM PERMISSION TO PUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR DESIRES LAST TO PLEASE EVERYONE AROUND THEM.

It's just a frequency game.

You're literally doing the exact opposite of what you want to do.

You want people to be happy.

You want people to get what they want.


And you want people to feel like they are worth it.

And... you're teaching them with your subtle energy to do the exact opposite.

Because, spoil alert, it's not so subtle.

You, by the Principle of Correspondence, are teaching your partner, clients, family, friends and children to put themselves last.

Let alone anyone you come into contact with.

Also, in your life, when you don't choose yourself and become bitter about it, it's going to keep happening because you'll find more and more evidence that you don't have power in the matter.

What a crock of sh*t.

The way you can please the people is by putting yourself FIRST.

It may not look like it's working right away because everyone around you is used to you denying yourself. But eventually, something will click and when they seeing you doing it, they know that they can do it, too. And nothing brings more joy than feeling self-expressed in a powerful way.

Please the people by stopping the people pleasing.

Last quick thing.

You know that fail-safe I talked about?

If you take action from bitterness, defensiveness, power hunger or anything other than integrity, you're calling more of that into your life and the lives of other people.

Sorry to tell you but you can't go "do you" because you're pissed, or the whole thing won't work.

This fail-safe is what keeps us in service to supporting everyone including ourselves.

The Universe ain't playin'. It knows exactly how not to destroy itself and everyone in it.

You can teach people how to respect themselves.

You can teach people how to act in their worthiness.

YOU can teach people to feel okay for being self-expressed.

And beautiful human, you can lead the way so people know they can put themselves first.

Now go actually please... please?



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